Sumatra 3.1 PDF reader update brings 64-bit builds


When it comes to reading PDF documents on machines running a flavor of Windows, users have plenty of options to choose from.

They can go down the traditional route and install a heavyweight application like Adobe Reader for example. While that ensures maximum compatibility and access to additional features that pure reading programs don’t offer, it is heavy on the resource side of things and prone to security issues.

Most web browsers ship with PDF support and while that is great for quickly reading a PDF that is available on the Internet, it is usually better to use third-party programs instead as they offer better functionality and are more flexible when it comes to it.

Sumatra PDF has risen to fame as a lightweight resource-friendly PDF reader supporting that is highly effective when it comes to reading PDF documents and other document types it supports.

sumatra pdf 3.1 64bit

Sumatra PDF is not an editing tool, and if you are looking for that functionality, you better check out programs like Foxit Reader or Nitro PDF Reader if you don’t want to use Adobe Reader.

Today’s update, the first in over a year, introduces 64-bit builds of the PDF reader. These builds don’t change the functionality of Sumatra but may be useful for PDF documents that are extremely large and resource consuming.

That’s however not the only change introduced in Sumatra PDF 3.1. If you are printing regularly using the program, you may notice an uptick in printer memory usage while doing so. The main reason for this is that Sumatra will always print as image now (this was only a choice in previous versions). According to the author, it improves the reliability of the printout at the cost of extra memory.

The third, and last big change, is a new session restore option on start that will reload all opened documents of a multi-document sesson on startup. Sumatra users who don’t want this to happen can disable it by editing the RestoreSession parameter in the Advanced options. All you need to do is set the preference to false in the settings.

There have been “many crash and other bug fixes” on top of that including one that fixes scrolling when touchpads are being used.

The most recent version of Sumatra PDF is provided as a 32-bit or 64-bit installer or portable program, the latter allowing you to run Sumatra from any location without installation.

Now You: Which PDF reader are you using?

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