5 Useful Google Maps & Mashups

Google Maps is generally considered the best online mapping app, and rightly so. Apple Maps’ reputation suffered a serious setback in iOS6 when it started sending people down roads that didn’t exist. It got to the point where they had to recommend that their users use rival services. Bing’s maps and Mapquest are fine, but they still pale in comparison to Google Maps.

One of the reasons is that lots of people use Google Maps to make “mashups“. A mashup is a map which shows certain information pinned to a geographical location. Here are 5 which we found, which are either useful or just plain interesting.

The World’s Creepiest Places

creepyplaces   5 Cool & Useful Google Maps Mashups

This map shows the “top 13 creepiest places in the world”. I can personally attest to Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland, as I have experienced the tour twice, and both times I was genuinely afraid to be there. Maybe it was the darkness, maybe it was the whistling wind, or maybe it was because of everyone cramped together in a small enclosed space. But I felt very sick coming out both times.


The Most Dangerous Roads On Earth

dangerousroads   5 Cool & Useful Google Maps Mashups

Here are the 31 “most dangerous roads on Earth”, as compiled by the Association for Safe International Road Travel.  If you see one that you want to view more of, just click the link to the right, and the map will zoom to the location, with an information box appearing. There doesn’t seem to be any way of submitting a road for inclusion. Maybe email the Association through their website?


The World’s Most Polluted Cities

pollutedcities   5 Cool & Useful Google Maps Mashups

As we all know, there are places in the world that suffer from terrible air pollution. Some of which are so bad that the citizens are forced to wear breathing masks over their mouth. This is a map showing the “world’s most polluted cities”, as decided by Time magazine. Clicking on a marker will bring up an information box with the exact location, number of people affected, the type of pollutant, what causes it, and a quote from the Time magazine article.


New Maps Help You Find Old Maps

he Old Maps Online project is a Google Maps mashup that helps you find historical maps from libraries across the world. To find an old map, position the main map over the area you’re interested in and slide the controller at the top to browse through dates. The results–displayed as thumbnail images of the relevant old maps–appear at the right, and you can click a thumbnail to go to the corresponding image on the hosting institution’s website.


World Heritage

World Heritage   7 Fascinating Google Maps & Mashups To See The World With Different Eyes

This interactive Google Map presents all UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world. Zoom into a country by clicking the flag, then hover over the marked sites for the name of the site and a photo. When you click a site, you are taken directly to its page on the UNESCO homepage, which contains many more details.


Fast Food Maps (US Only)

fastfood   5 Cool & Useful Google Maps Mashups

Ever wanted to know where all the McDonalds are located? Or Pizza Hut? This mashup shows the location of each fast food restaurant in the US

Which mashups have caught your attention?
Let us know all about them in the comments below.

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