2016 Cloud Adoption Trends: What We Know So Far

Around this time last year we asked: What does enterprise cloud adoption look like? Where is it heading and what roadblocks are organizations facing?

From information about top cloud drivers and transformation factors to some of the biggest challenges hindering cloud adoption, we learned a lot about how organizations approach the cloud technology ecosystem and what they hope to (and are already) gain from it. As a result, we’ve also been able to create resources that hone in on these topics and speak to what you — our readers and your peers — have told us matter.

Now we’re asking these same questions once again. Our 2016 cloud enterprise survey is in full swing, and we’ve already captured over 350 responses. While we’re still collecting responses (and will be until November 24), I just couldn’t wait to share a preview of some of the most interesting trends the results are uncovering so far.


1) Adaptability is currently trending as the top transformation factor organizations hope to realize by adopting cloud technology.
As we’ve shared previously, adaptability is one of seven possible transformation factors (along with velocity, collaboration, intelligence, communication, engagement and innovation). To recap, adaptability is about giving your organization the ability to learn and respond to changes more quickly. Adaptability ranked at number five last year among all of the transformation factors, so it’s very interesting to see the movement in its position in this year’s results so far.

2) When asked what their organizations are doing to improve the customer experience, one of the lowest responses is currently using customer feedback and metrics.
There’s no doubt that improving the customer experience was a huge initiative in 2015 and will continue to be in 2016. While we can all agree that the customer experience matters, there’s definitely a lot of opinions about how to optimize it. This trend in the survey results so far isn’t necessarily shocking — measurement is often a sore spot for activities of all kinds — but it is disappointing. After all, who better to tell you what improvements to make than your customers themselves!

3) Agility is holding constant as the top cloud driver.
In our 2015 report, 66% of organizations ranked increasing agility as the top cloud driver pushing them to the cloud. So far, agility is holding steady in this top spot for 2016 as well.

As excited as I am about the 2016 results so far, this sneak peek is all I can share right now. Ahead of our release of the full report, I will be sharing some more early results on this blog in the coming weeks along with my predictions for what to expect in 2016.

In the meantime, our survey is still open, so it’s not too late for you to make an impact on the results. If you’re a decision maker for your company when it comes to cloud adoption, we’d like to hear about your experiences so far and your intentions for cloud technology going forward. The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete and is a great opportunity to add value to the user-generated data and our resulting content topics in the year ahead. Plus, you’ll automatically receive a copy of the full report once it’s published.


Source: Cloud Sherpas

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